Building Regulations

The following Building Regulations will be relevant, when installing windows and doors in your newbuild home.


Security in dwellings: Approved Document Q

This edition covers the standards for doors and windows to resist physical attack by a burglar. It includes standards on being both sufficiently robust and fitted with appropriate hardware.

This also supports requirement Q1 of schedule 1 to the Building Regulations 2010. Requirement Q 1 applies only in relation to new dwellings and provides that reasonable provision must be made to resist unauthorised access to any dwelling; and any part of a building from which access can be gained to a flat within the building.

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Protection from falling, collision and impact: Approved Document K

This edition covers protection from falling, collision and impact and includes designing staircases, ladders, ramps, guarding and vehicle barriers in and around all types of buildings.

This edition was also updated by combining Approved Document N: glazing and also some overlapping guidance that is in Approved Document M: access to and use of buildings respectively.

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Conservation of fuel and power: Approved Document L

This current edition covers the energy efficiency requirements of the building regulations as set out in Part L of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations and in a number of specific building regulations. Technical guidance is contained in 4 Part L Approved Documents and 2 building services compliance guides.

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Access to and use of buildings: Approved Document M

Building regulations for access to and use of buildings in dwellings and buildings other than dwellings and provides a baseline for accessibility in the built environment.

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Ventilation: Approved Document F

This edition covers new dwellings, new buildings other than dwellings and existing buildings. The types of ventilation covered includes, mechanical, passive stack, background and purge (rapid).

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